Thursday, April 5, 2012

Uh Oh!

So, I broke into my own home today. (I mentioned losing weight yesterday and today being in somewhat better shape came in handy.)  I walked out the front door of my house, after I'd already locked the handle to realize I had no keys. No keys to my car, no keys to my house. The Jeep was sitting in the driveway and it was, of course, locked. I remembered that the deck door was unlocked, I thought. Sweet. I was also dressed for work in business professional clothes. Thankfully, I didn't wear heels today. My deck sits about six feet off the ground and there are no steps that go to the ground.  What to do?  Yup, hopped on the a/c unit, and jumped onto the deck.  Into my house I went, hoping no one saw me.  I then locked the deck door.

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