Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dress

My mom and sister came to town over the weekend for what I thought would be the first of a few shopping trips to find "the dress" for the wedding. I'd invited Karson's mom along to, but she was unable to join us. After doing some looking online and a prior trip to David's Bridal because I had a giftcard for $50 - I had a basic idea of what I wanted: A-line, strapless, not super busy, probably off white.  I had heard about an outlet place in Wahoo that had great prices on discountinued designer type dresses and thought we should go check it out. OMG! We got an amazing deal on an Ella by Essense. My parents are generously paying for my dress (and items associated with the dress). I will not be posting pictures of the dress on here since certain people look at the blog from time to time. :) But it's everything that I wanted. I just need to get a few alterations and have it pressed and cleaned and I'm good to go. Love it. I thought we'd be looking for a month or two and have to order something. Now to find cute shoes...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Change in Plans

Things were humming along with the wedding plans until last week. We had lined up our reception site, and scheduled an appointment with the chapel. The colors have pretty much been decided, my mom and sister will soon be visiting to look at wedding dresses. And then last Wednesday, Karson dropped a bomb on me when he arrived at my house. The Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting is taking place on our wedding date. For those of you not from Omaha, here's what that means - 35,000 people descend upon the city to hang on Warren Buffet's every word, buy B-H products and such. And for you out-of-towners, it means higher hotel rooms costs and plane tickets. Much higher, in some cases double. Why? Because people will pay.

I discovered a handy site called, hotelplanner.com. It sent a request out to 85 hotels in Omaha rated between 2 to 4 stars. 25 have no availability and of the 14 that offered me a price - all but 2 were way over their normal rate. There's a hotel on base, but it only allows rooms to be booked 30 days in advance. With all this information, my head had begun swirling, who would come and stay in a crappy, slasher hotel, paying $120/night?

And so, despite how much we like the first weekend in May, moving the wedding seems to be the only logical option since we only have so many bedrooms at our homes. Karson contacted the coordinator at the club and asked if the weekend before or after May 4th was free. The weekend before was open. So... new wedding date: April 27th, 2013.