Sunday, October 27, 2013


In early October, Karson and I headed to Nashville for a weekend of football and friends. He's from the KC area, so Mizzou playing Vanderbilt the same weekend as the Chiefs playing the Titans is a perfect storm. One of Karson's college friends is coaches for the Titans and was kind enough to get us a room at the Loew's Vanderbilt which is a beautiful hotel in the Vanderbilt area of Nashville. The weekend was also Karson's best friend's birthday. Since we were going to tailgate, I made Ryan cupcakes and used these cute football cupcake holders.

Friday night, we went out to dinner on Broadway and then hit up some honky tonks. I think catching some live music is a mandatory thing in Nashville and always a lot of fun! Saturday morning we went to the Parthenon and the Opryland area before tailgating. In between the two, we hit the grocery store as we needed supplies for our tailgate. Karson had asked me to make buffalo chicken dip, I had brought a crock pot. So after the grocery store run, I'm lugging the crock pot into the hotel and carrying it in the elevator. There's an 60something guy in the elevator making polite conversation with me.

He pushed his floor button, and then said: "You don't really need a key card to get to the top floor."
Me: "I bet the view from the top floor is really nice."
Him: "Is that a crock pot??"
Me: "Uh, yeah. We're going tailgating today and I need to make a dip for it."
Him: "Oh. Okay." Weird look on his face. Secretly thinking I'm making something illegal with my crock pot.  I don't often cook with a crock pot in a hotel, but when I do, I try to do it at the nicest hotels possible. At least I brought the one with the damask design on it. :)

Missouri won, so the husband was happy. The weather the next day was not so great, but we had ponchos. The Chiefs won so again, the husband was happy! We had fantastic seats, which we were very lucky to be given.
 Karson at Opryland
 Me at Opryland. I LOVE this show. DVR it every week.
Go Chiefs! View from out awesome seats. P.S. Check out that guy's mullet. Ha!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Nashville Flea Market

At the end of September, we headed South to visit Karson's brother and sister-in-law and their cute kiddos. I had never been on an Army base before. It was fun to see the differences/similarities between the Air Force and Army bases. His sister-in-law has been great with my transition to military spouse life, answering questions, sharing stories from when she and K's brother first got married and moved, etc. It has been beyond helpful!
We spent time grilling out, playing Scrabble, going to church and having a movie night watching Tangled with the kids.
When deciding what to do with our Sunday afternoon, my sister-in-law mentioned there was a flea market in Nashville that happens monthly and happened to be that weekend. Karson's interest in going was not much, and his brother's was even less. The kiddos were even less excited. So off the two of us went in search of something fun. I must admit, I've been to many garage and estate sales over the years, but never a flea market. I'm also not a good negotiator.
We arrived and began wandering around when I spotted a chandelier painted blue and turned into centerpiece. Originally $40, it had been reduced to $30 because it was Sunday. I mentioned I liked it, S-I-L thought it was cute. She knew her husband would hate it if she brought it home. I figured K wouldn't really care one way or another. S-I-L went to work. I paid $22 for it! Score!
Here's a link to the Nashville Flea Market if you're ever in the area and want to go check it out. It's supposed to be one of the top Flea Market's in the country.
Here my find on our dining room table. Need to buy candles for it

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Past Year

Since my last post we have....
  • -Gotten Married
 Me with my bridesmaids
 Me with my parents
Me and K just after the ceremony.
  • Honeymooned in Aruba. Highly recommend it, especially if Nebraska happens to get a freak snow in May while you're gone.
  • We left Omaha and moved to Ohio in July.
Omaha skyline from Council Bluffs before 4th of July Fireworks

Our rental house in Ohio.
  • We also sold my condo in Omaha and I'm looking for a job here. I was not able to transfer my job when I moved. Being unemployed is a weird feeling, but I'm adjusting. There are some perks. We have done some traveling. I am less stressed out, my acne has improved greatly. I starting to get out and meet people, so that is helping with the transition.
  • We like Ohio, but we tend to make the best of whatever. One of the best things for us, is Karson and his oldest brother have not lived this close together since 1995 (only five hours away). So we've made a trip there already. They will be coming here in two weeks and again for Thanksgiving.