Thursday, September 24, 2009

I spend way too much time in my car

So I pretty much live in my car.  Seriously, I left home at 6:15 this a.m. and got home at 6:20 tonight. Hopefully the next car will have satellite radio. :) Anyway, as someone that spends way too much time in a car will tell you, you find ways to occupy your time. I sing. A lot. I notice random landmarks. And yesterday I finally found the number five gas station for my "Top Five Dumbest Gas Station Names." Some of these you'll recognize. These, by the way, are in no particular order.

Kum & Go - all over the midwest: Don't think I need to explain why this is on the list.
Almost Always Open - Ames, IA: I've thought this was the most random name for a gas station for ages. Why not just call it "Closed from 2:30 - 5:30" or  "Closed Sometimes" or something like that.
Infinite - Omaha, NE: When did gas become infinite? I've been under the impression that it was going to run out eventually, maybe they have a special source?
Tobacco & Phones 4 Less - Omaha, NE: Seriously, why sell gas? Why not just be a tobacco store? or a phone store? I've never actually been in one of these.
Dickie Doodles - Columbus, NE: I don't see why I need to explain this one either. I just hope it isn't some poor person's name.


The Lagneaux's said...

Isn't it Kum & Go? Maybe it isn't. That is too funny. I spend a lot of time in the car and one day discovered the largest frying pan in Brandon, IA. I thought, maybe it's cool...not so much. I was thinking it would be a fry pan that was functional's sheet metal welded together, very not functional. A disappointment for me but now I can say I have seen the largest fry pan.

Bekah said...

Clearly I don't proofread. Yes, it's Kum and Go. I fixed it. I find it entertaining that random little town have things like the "World's Largest Frying Pan."