Sunday, February 6, 2011

What to do?

I've been racking my brain for awhile trying to figure out what to get Karson for Valentine's Day.  He's been needing a new wallet for awhile, but I realized a couple days ago, that his current wallet has a seperate ID holder thing that he keeps his military ID so that he can flash it. I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard to find, but I didn't like any of the wallets I was finding.

So then what?  For Christmas this year, my sister made me a no sew fleece blanket.  Karson really liked it when first saw it.  He'd never seen one before.  They weren't really all that popular when we were growing up, then he moved south for college, since then he's been living in warmer climates when not overseas. I started to wonder if it would disappear from my house. 
I decided a fleece blanket of his own would be a great gift.  So I set off in search off fabric.  Hoping that by some miracle I could find either of his two college teams of choice - Missouri or Arkansas.  Fat chance, here in the land of the Huskers. I managed to come across the Cyclones (yay) and the Hawkeyes (boo), even Texas A&M, Florida and Auburn, but that was about the extent of non-Husker related options. :(  Thankfully, he also has pro-teams.  I opted for the Chiefs over the Royals.  Edited to include the finished project.

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chrissyrudd said...

Nice! Blankets are nice romantic gifts, they induce thoughts of snuggling!