Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Dishes

I know, what an exciting topic for my first entry, right? The dishes that I've been using for years and years (circa December 2001) are not very exciting, were not picked by me and are not a complete set. They were hand-me-downs from my sister, Elizabeth. Yes, I know I'm 30. And I'm well aware that somewhere along the way I should have picked up my own adult dishes. It's not like I've been eating on paper plates for the last 7.5 years. And when you live alone, is it really necessary to have service for eight? Probably not. But anyway, the other week, I was online at Younkers looking for who knows what, when I stumbled across these Laurie Gates dishes. I discovered they would look fabulous with another set of plates that I had previously found at Crate and Barrel (below left). So I figured after I got back from Vegas and my work trip to Michigan I would bite the bullet and head to Younkers and buy some new dinnerware and order the plates from Crate and Barrel. Didn't want to be ordering things from C&B when I wasn't going to be home - the UPS guy already hates me. Stopped at Younkers today and picked up the first set. Holy heck are they heavy. And then came home to order the dishes from C&B, AAACK, they're out of stock online, so now I have to figure out an alternate plan. On the left is the plate that I wanted from C&B and on the right is the plates that Younkers sells as coordinating with my actual plates.... I guess the other one is okay, but i like the Crate and Barrel one better - it's not so busy. Plus it was cheaper and I'm all about a good deal!


Tyler's Mommy said...

We have Crate and Barrel here if you need to stop; it's near my house

Bekah said...

Sweet. I'm going to take Friday off when I come down. I will be scheduling that into the trip to see if they have any left. :)