Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the Hunt

I headed out to a few open houses today in a few different areas of town. Mainly what I'm looking for is either a townhouse or condo. In a perfect world, it would have at least two bedrooms, 1.5 (or more) bathrooms and a two car garage. The amount of garage space is the most flexible thing. I also want a bigger kitchen than my teeny, tiny kitchen. I found out a few things in the process:

a)I need to get a realtor, these people can practically smell me coming and want my money. I realize that they work off commission and while they may be well intentioned, I'm just getting started - but some of them were really agressive. Almost creepy. I also need to get a realtor because the place that I've been watching online for awhile has never had an open house and I want to find out what the heck is wrong with it - Why hasn't it sold? Why is it so much cheaper than the other places in the complex? I've hypothisized that someone was murdered in the unit - though it doesn't really go with the neighborhood. I have an incredibly active imagination.

b) Just because it says "townhouse" don't assume it's actually a townhome. One place was listed as a townhome, but it was half a duplex and would require me to maintain the yard, exterior of the building (roof, siding of the home), and do snow removal. The only bonus was that there was a small annual fee for some commons areas as opposed to monthly dues. My job isn't really condusive to all that kind of stuff - which is why I want a townhouse/condo in the first place! ARRGH!!!

c) Need to remember to keep an open mind. I went to check out a place downtown, completely for fun and ended up liking it. It'd be fun to be able to walk to bars, restaurants and concerts. The kitchen and bathroom could use a little bit of updating, but it came with parking (bonus) and a secure building (bonus).


Coverse to the Oscars said...

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Sarah said...

I remember when we started looking at houses around here and I had such high hopes. We looked at one house that some old woman had lived in and had recently died. THe house had appliances/decorations from like the 70's or earlier. To get to the upstairs of the house, you had to climb up a ladder. No stairs. And they wanted like $180,00 or something like that for the house. For reals. I could not believe it. That opened my eyes. majorly. I agree though, a realtor is a good place to start. Maybe one of your co-workers or friends has a good realtor you can trust. Good luck with your search!

Tyler's Mommy said...

Good luck. I hate looking at houses, but eventually you will find the right one!