Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 To Do list

I was heading down I-29 today enjoying the scenic drive. Really, there's the Loess Hills, so it's somewhat scenic, when I realized, I've never been here. So since I still had about an hour left of my drive, I thought about other things I wanted to accomplish this year. Not New Year's Resolutions, more, a "I've lived in Nebraska for Three Years, I should have...."

1. Hiked the Loess Hills
2. Completed more work on my family history project in Sioux City.
3. Visited Dixie Quick's and  Cali Taco(both have been on Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives. There are three or four other places that were on the show too. I've been to one. I'll get to the others at some point.) Dixie Quick's requires reservations and Cali Taco is a going during the daytime kinda place.
4. Hit up a fish fry or two or three. Lent fish frys in Omaha are legendary. Seriously. Some of them even involve "tailgating" for lack of a better term. Bring your own beer and drink while you wait for a few blocks. They all serve beer.
5. Watched the CWS at Rosenblatt. Not even an option, this has to happen this year at it's moving downtown.
6. Attended a Mavs Hockey game (might have to wait until the season starts again in the fall). My friend, Jason, who was a hockey fanatic in MI even told me that the UNO hockey games were great, he played against them.
7. Visited the Mt. Fuji Inn.

I might add more later.

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