Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Household

It's official, I'm down to just one residence. Thank goodness!!! Two houses was a pain in the behind, and January was a killer on the budget. I'd planned for paying mortgage and rent, but paying utilities at two places is not fun. My eyes about fell out of my head when I opened the bill from OPPD (power company). So I'll be thrilled to kick $60 off of that bill next month. Especially when they hit me with their "random" fees at both locations.
In related news I'm getting all but $100 of my deposit back. I didn't get the carpets cleaned myself. I'd thought about having a guy I know come and do the job. He owns a carpet cleaning business. But my apartment had a narrow spiral staircase leading up to a loft. Now envision getting carpet cleaning equipment up that after you've already hauled it up two flights of stairs. I was pretty certain he'd want to punch me. I thought it was worth the $100 hit. So I'm looking forward to that money. It'll be great for the trip I'm going on at the end of February.


Sarah said...

ohh where ya goin?

Abby said...

I feel for ya, I will have to pay 2 mortgages and double utilities in March :(

Bekah said...

I'm going on a five day trip Disney World and a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. It can't come soon enough!!!