Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Place, Old Place, Some Place

Having two homes is kind of a pain. My lease on my apartment runs out at the end of this month and I couldn't be happier. I'm in the process of cleaning the old place, continuing to purge stuff, decorate and organize the new place and sell some furniture and stuff from the old place. It would be awesome if my two houses, jokingly referred to as my "summer" and "winter" homes were closer together, but they're a 20 minute drive, one way. I left all the furniture that I wasn't going to keep at the old place because I didn't see the need to haul it down two flights of steps and back up another. I also thought it'd be better to have strangers come to my old house instead of my new one. I'm down to just needing to sell off the stupid couch from hell and then life will be good. I've also resolved that if it hasn't sold by tomorrow (Monday) I'm calling a donation place down the street from my apartment and having them come and take it. Then it's gone, I can finish cleaning, get the carpets cleaned and get my massive deposit back.

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MrsNick said...

They said I might have my braces another two years! Ugh! Sounds like our first born child will probably meet mom with a metal mouth. I'm not preggers now, but I've been fearing the thought of labor with braces.