Thursday, January 14, 2010

30 Day Shred - Day 3 check in

I've completed three days of the 30 day shred and I'm finally starting to feel like I might actually be able to survive. The hardest part for me now is the push ups. I don't do the "real" push ups. I do what you would consider to be the "girl" push ups, which are hard on my knees. Minus the part where I'm sore as all get out - especially my thighs, I feel that I have more energy. I'm not sure that makes any sense. I wake up in the more in pain, but once I get moving I'm fine, I'm just attributing this to age. :) We'll see how I'm doing after a week of this stuff.

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April said...

Bekah, instead of doing pushups on your knees, do pushups on stairs. Put your hands on the third stair or so, feet back. You move down to the second, first, and then the floor when you're tough enough.

Doing them on your knees actually puts you at a slightly different angle and works a few different muscles so making the transition to real pushups isn't as easy. Plus yes, it is hard on your knees. All of this relayed to me by my CrossFit coach and my Physical Therapist friend.

But I'm proud of you for sticking to the shred. I've heard it's murder.