Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Week...

So it's been one week since I started the 30 Day. Thanks to Velo's fantastic tip - I modified my push ups, and am now using the steps. This is helping my knee immensly. As far as weight loss, I'm only down half a pound which I'm okay with. And you might be thinking, why am I not disappointed but only losing half a pound? Two reasons. A) I lost 45 pounds 4 years ago. I'm still down 40 pounds, so it's not like when I've started a new habit in the past and the first week, I lose a ton of water weight, there's no water weight to dump. And B) I've lost a combined 3.5 inches across the different areas of my body. Not too shabby. I'm eating better, have more energy and feeling better. This is definitely helping out with my stress a bit too. I've been pretty stressed lately.

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April said...

Go to and sign up, its free. Go to the DailyPlate, it allows you to calculate your caloric intake based on your weight, activity and how much you want to lose. You then track your food (which helps like no other when you really want a fecking brownie). Most of it is already pre-programmed in, so you aren't entering all the data yourself, just picking food and how much of it you ate. The rest is automatic. And you can change it at any time, like I did because I'm gimpy and there is no going to the gym for me for a few weeks.
I also do the Zone, mostly because I've got to have enough protein (which also makes you feel full) for the kind of power lifting and such I wind up doing at CrossFit.
Zone + DailyPlate + CrossFit = -25 pounds in three months (which includes three weeks of vacation and two weeks at home when mom was sick). The Zone just takes a little getting used to and not everyone likes it, but I'd definitely start with DailyPlate. They have an iphone version, don't know about BB.