Friday, October 30, 2009

Bacon Mac and a Kitchen Mishap

So last night I decided to make Bacon Mac. I'd been reading another blog online and this woman was talking about how fantastic this recipe from Cooking Light was for Mac and Cheese. I decided three things: I like Mac&Cheese, I like bacon, and I like Cooking Light. So in theory, this should be great.

If you're interested, the recipe is located here:
So, I bought the ingredients that I didn't have at home - green onion, bacon, cheddar cheese, hot sauce and got to work. I will tell you that it took forever for that milk to boil. I was getting hunnnnnngry.

So finally everythings ready to go into the broiler, which at my house is actually just my oven. The directions say, 'In a broiler safe dish..." I thought why wouldn't my cheapo set of pots be broiler safe? Seven minutes later, I open the oven door and pull out the dish, it looks fantastic by the way. Not quite as pretty as the picture in the link, but the handles are smoking. Yes, SMOKING!! And I can tell that they are warped and swollen for lack of a better term. Apparently they were not oven safe. I probably should of used a casserole dish. So, I'm guessing it's time to upgrade the pots and pans to something not so cheap.

On the upside, the Bacon Mac tasted delicious - bacon, cheesiness, little bit of cruchiness on top.

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MrsNick said...

I thought of trying this recipe too. I have all of the annual Cooking Light anthologies dated back to 2006 and am an avid magazine subscriber. People will continually gawk at your leftovers if you bring them to lunch and then you get a Lean Cuisine-like commercial moment where you get to reply, "It's from Cooking Light."