Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Theta related

Last night, I hosted the monthly Theta Alumnae board meeting. I decided that since it was so close to Halloween it should be a Halloween themed event. I’m pretty certain this is due in large part because of the time I spent living with Nikki. So....I had Halloween plates, napkins and cups. Who knew that Solo now made orange (and black) cups? You may remember these as keg cups. I made some pumpkin bars, bought some cider, wine, candy corn, peanuts and M&Ms. I didn't say this was going to be a healthy party.
So the first SNAFU happens - nobody can find my apartment. I'd said on the evite that if people needed directions to let me know. Nobody asked - so I figured since everyone was a native Omahan (but me) they all knew where they were going. Negatory, everyone got lost, I'm getting calls. And to make matters worse the light right outside my building was out. Seriously?!?!
So once people finally found my apartment the next problem happened - only ten people had RSVP'd, I had seating for nine and figured I'd sit on the floor. My living room area is small. It's probably the smallest of any apartment that I've ever lived in. For as "big" as my apartment is, the space is very poorly proportioned. But then only nine people show up, problem solved, until the other three people come and we're now at 12. Um, hmm...
And then, when I'd been getting my wine glasses out, I discovered I only had seven. I knew my diswasher attacked one. But I thought I had 12. Did four of them run off? Eh, no one seemed to care.

Plus, we're changing up our silent auction this year (Thank God) to a raffle of stuff that people will actually want to buy. In the past, we've done a silent auction where people buy stuff (or get it donated), bring it to our event and then bid on it, starting at about half of what the item is worth. The organizer of this year's event was frustrated with how little we raised for CASA and our scholarship fund last year and decided maybe having a handful of bigger items would be better. People can put all their raffle tickets toward just the item that they want and we're opening up the purchasing of the tickets to the general public. I think it should turn out well, since ALL the items were donated this year. And they're all group together in categories - i.e. golf package, wine package, beauty/spa package, dining package, party package. Hopefully we'll raise more money than last year.


Tyler's Mommy said...

Good for you to be involved in that....I don't fit in with the group here (Both Sara and I have tried)

MrsNick said...

I second your involvement in Theta alum. Wish we weren't such rejects:) Ha!

Bekah said...

I think the makeup of your alumnae group and mine is very different. On the flipside the college alum assoc leaves a lot to be desired.